About us – Meripex Apparel

Classic. Premium. Comfort.

The Meripex Apparel story began at a local men’s clothing store with a brief comment by two strangers whose identities still remains unknown. They stated, “Why are there no brands that correlate quality and affordability?” In that moment Josh Jackson and Grayson Haff had an idea, an idea that would bring high-quality clothing with modern design elements and styles into the marketplace. Josh Jackson and Grayson Haff, both college students, went on to develop a classic design that emphasized on a commitment to premium quality. Today, this is the brand Meripex. The name Meripex originates from America the land of opportunity. The idea that two college students can do what they love, and offer a premium quality line of shorts to customers.

Our 5.5” inseam shorts are a feel good pair of shorts. They are a pair of shorts whose comfort and quality is unmatched. Our shorts are quite unique because they are designed for any occasion, whether that is wearing to work or hanging out with friends. With our shorts, you are exemplifying confidence and style. We want you to experience the feel our shorts can bring to you. Meripex uses the finest and premium quality cotton imported from all throughout the world. When you buy a product from Meripex, you are buying a product that is going to last.

Thanks Again!

Josh and Grayson